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What is the Fundraising Committee?

BarkPark at Country Park Fundraising Committee is a diverse, volunteer group of dog owning and loving folks dedicated to the establishment and maintenance of Greensboro's first dog park. In partnership with the Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department, our volunteers coordinate activities and fundraising events.

Our mission is to:
financially assist Greensboro Parks & Recreation in establishing and maintaining a clean, safe, contained environment where well-behaved canines can exercise and socialize off-leash without endangering or annoying people, or wildlife;
promote humane treatment and foster the quality of life for companion dogs and their owners through the use of social interaction, exercise, and on-site clinics;
promote responsible pet ownership in the community by offering opportunities to vaccinate, spay and neuter;

Greensboro BarkPark Fundraising Committee
PO Box 10121
Greensboro, NC 27404-0121

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