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These rules are for everyone's safety. These posted here are also on signs at the BarkPark.

1. This is a designated Off-Leash Area.
2. No attendant on duty.
3. Users enter at your own risk
4. Handlers are legally responsible for any injuries caused by their dog(s) they bring into the off-leash area.
5. All dogs must be legally vaccinated. Dog(s) not wearing a visible dog vaccination tag are prohibited.
6. No dog(s) less than four (4) months of age are allowed in the off-leash area.
7. No female dog(s) in heat are allowed in the off-leash area.
8. Dogs must be leashed when entering and before exiting the off-leash area.
9. Dogs must be capable of being controlled by their handler at all times while in the off-leash area, and while entering and exiting the area.
10. Remove choke, spike, pinch, prong, or collars that may injure other dogs BEFORE play is allowed.
11. Children eight(8) years of age and younger are NOT allowed in the off-leash area.
12. Children under sixteen years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
13. Handlers must have ready access to the dog(s) leash at all times.
14. Maximum of three(3) dogs per handler.
15. Handlers are responsible for "Scooping the Poop" of their dog(s).
Please encourage others to do so, bags are provided.
16. Handlers must fill all holes dug by their dog(s) under their control.
17. No Smoking, Food, or Glass Containers. Training treats are allowed for your dog(s) only.
18. Dogs must be removed from the off-leash area at the first sign of aggression.
19. No animals other than dogs shall be permitted in the off-leash area.
20. Dogs with a known history of dangerous behavior are prohibited (not allowed).
21. Leave the park in better condition and cleaner than you found it.
22. No one shall taunt, tease, molest, or abuse ANY dog in the off-leash area or Country Park.
23. Handlers are responsible for any injury to animal or human caused by any dog toy, play object, or other item they have brought into the off-leash area.