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What is the dog park?

A dog park is a dedicated area where responsible pet owners and their off-leash dogs can gather for exercise and socialization.
The City of Greensboro Parks & Recreation Department has allocated land (approximately 6 acres) for the creation of the BarkPark at Country Park.  The actual off-leash area is divided into 3 separate, air-lock gated areas. 
map of lots
Lot A is primarily for the small and loner dogs. This area is perfect for dogs that may be intimidated by large dogs, puppies that are learning socialization skills, and dogs that may have behavioral problems.
Lot B is for general public use as well as for special events and is very popular. Because we try to keep some grass in this area, it is occasionally locked, particularly after heavy rain in order for the grass to rest and recover from the onslaught of many paws.
Lot C is also for general public use and is open year round.

Please pick up after your dog. Poop bag stations are located around the park.